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In Pilates you put your body in positions you never dreamed possible and use muscles you never knew you existed. I love to feel how my body responds to different exercises within the class. My core is stronger now more than ever. I love the way each class is friendly and relaxed as Ann-Maree has a certain knack of making everyone feel at ease and push you to your own limits. Pilates is a strength builder, not just for the body but also for your wellbeing. I really look forward to that 'Me Time' once a week.

Jennifer, Friday 10am class

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I have suffered with quite a lot of lower back pain for many years now but since starting Pilates with Ann-Maree it has improved massively. She is very attentive to individual needs even within a group setting and will suggest exercises to try more regularly at home.

Teresa, Monday 9am class

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I started having 1-1s at home just over two years ago, at the tender age of 58. I had been suffering with back problems for some time. I firmly believe that the targeted Pilates exercises made a significant difference to my life.

Albert, 1-1 client

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I have been attending Ann-Maree's classes since March 2016 after looking around for a Pilates class for a while. I really like the fact that the classes are kept small, so when you are taking part Ann-Maree is able to easily correct your position and ensure you are doing the exercise properly. The classes are really enjoyable and varied from using the ring, wobble cushion, balls and foam rollers! A great class and excellent teacher.

Taryn, Move GB, Wednesday 6.30pm and Thursday 7.30pm classes

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I started Pilates in December 2015 over 50's group. I had not done any exercise for years and had never done Pilates. I have grown in confidence and body awareness. my posture and core strength has improved and i have much less back pain now. We recently did a class with a large exercise ball - what fun... But what a work out - every part stretched and worked in a mindful way. I am so glad i overcame the anxiety of doing something new and out of my comfort zone. I would recommend it. 

Julia, Over 50's class

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I am new to Ann-Maree's classes bt not new to Pilates. In the short time I have been attending her classes, bad habits have been put right, I have had new challenges, and have enjoyed every minute of every class. I thoroughly recommend. 

Anne, Wednesday 6.30pm

I am an Octogenarian widower living on my own. one years ago I had to have fairly major surgery to my spine which considerably relieved the pain and allowed me to walk again. However as i have become older and weaker i have also been limited in my ability to walk again suffering chronic back pain.

My Doctor suggested that i should investigate what Pilates has to offer and to see if the carefully programmed exercises could be of help to me. I now have weekly visits of one hour per week from Ann-Maree. She is professionally skilled at being able to ring the changes with a variety of Pilates exercises. These I find helpful with respect to my mobility and clearly stimulate the release of endorphins. She is not only clearly sensitive to the problems of the older person but she is consistently cheerful.

Professor Richard Johns, 1-1 client.